ARTI believes that even if designer designs a masterpiece building, without effective quality administration services, Client will not get his moneys’ worth.

ARTI applies all proactive Quality Assurance procedures during construction using available tools of quality administration (QP, MAR, RFI, MSS). ARTI Quality team supervises these processes thoroughly and monitor all subcontractors to fulfill these requirements before any site action. All Inspection Test Plans and Requests are operated through the process.

After site execution Quality Control (QC) processes start and works are observed precisely at site using QC tools of Nonconformance Reports (NCR) and Field Observations Reports (FOR). For repeating incidents subcontractors are warned and possible cause of defect is investigated. Commissioning of any zone is not started as long as these documents are finalized.

Similar to other services provided by ARTI all data transfer is executed by an online platform. So, all documentation about design and construction is collected in one database for Client.