ARTI organizing and supervising the construction works with its experienced professionals, enables both site works and supporting activities executed in the best way to maximize the value of the project.

The construction works may be troublesome when they are undertaken by organizations which are inclined to ignore the importance of technical specifications in their struggle for lowering their expenses. ARTI being active on every phase of a construction project, achieves the optimum solution for the Client. Keeping the technical specifications, a priority, ARTI also acknowledges the importance of costs therefore is always looking for solutions to decrease the construction costs as far as it will not hinder technical rules.

Important part of ARTI approach is to optimize site organization in order to increase the productivity thus lower costs for the Client. It is a fact that wrong organization structures damage timing and costs considerably.

Work schedule is critically followed during all phases. ARTI team makes sure that activities are carried out according to the master program and every expert of disciplines makes necessary alterations to minimize prolongation of durations.