ARTI manages below mentioned construction areas with high skilled and experienced Project Management team utilizing modern construction management tools.

By means of Project Management, ARTI provides procedural management systems basically in seven titles; design and construction supervision, contract management and change order management, cost control, scheduling, procurement management, commissioning and the last but not least HSE.

i. Design and Construction Supervision

Main target of design and construction supervision would be to achieve the best product possible for the Client by organizing the site works running in proper order, on time, within budget and of course safely. Design and construction supervision is executed in conjunction with Architect on all drawings relative to functional, aesthetic, operational and technical design issues as well as budget goals. Throughout the works ARTI Project Management Team will be in contact with Architect. Any issues relating to the design will be finalized with the consent of design parties. Mockups are identified in accordance with Client and design requirements in coordination with Architect.

ii. Contract Management and Change Order (CO) Management

All contracts are managed by ARTI Project Management Team in regard of best interest of Client. Technical and commercial issues are monitored and ensured to proceed according to contract items. Any nonconformity or risk to contract statement is reported to Client.

Change Order Management is to evaluate the necessity and impacts of a change request, taking into consideration possible cost and time loads on the project. All parties of related CO participate in the procedure and CO is presented to client upon agreement.

iii. Cost Control and Budget Management

ARTI team has approximately 20 years of cost control and budget management experience at international construction companies in large scale building projects worldwide. Through execution of works, commercial issues are studied in detail and payment requests and claims are analyzed in-depth for the benefit of Client. Monthly interim payment reports, final payment reports are processed until the end of Defect Liability Period.

iv. Scheduling

Following the baseline schedule prepared at the start of the construction, a detailed work program is prepared at the beginning of packages and monitored daily. Client is informed about the progress in weekly and monthly reports. Necessary notifications about schedule is issued to contractor(s) and Client.

v. Procurement Management

About Procurement Management, ARTI offers service step by step for obtaining the best value in technical and commercial aspects. First of all, basic principles of tender packages are determined such as scope, size etc. An appointment schedule is generated for contractors and required tender and contract documents are prepared. Pre-qualification procedures are executed and formal tender processes are finalized. ARTI evaluates tender returns and submits a summary report of its rating and recommendations. After awarding of contractor, post-tender meetings are organized parallel to contract signature processes.

vi. Commissioning

After substantial completion of the work by the contractor, ARTI, issues and executes checklists, executes testing, inspection and commissioning procedures and issue punch lists for successful handover of works. Following the completion of the items in the relative punch list, final hand over process would be commenced. All results of tests and inspections are reported to Client including O&M manuals if applicable.

vii. Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

Finally, ARTI provides Occupational Health, Safety and Environment service to client which is the first priority along the whole duration. Protection of human life and environment is a must and cannot be stretched in any case.